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(Photo: Foto-Studio Büttner & Claudia Hansen)

With a double CD release, Japanese Fumito Nunoya carries us into the marvelous soundscape of the marimba. His albums Piazzolla on Marimba and Classics on Marimba have already been released in August by the label OehmsClassics.
Fumito Nunoya is one of the world’s leading interpreters of his instrument. His performances on the marimba electrify the audience, the press celebrates him as »magnetic…impressive« (Houston Chronicle) and »agile and terrifically talented (Boston Herald).
His debut album Red Dragonfly was already received enthusiastically by critics and called a »monumental CD« (Percussive Notes), which is exemplary for »artistic music making at its highest level« (Percussive Arts Society).

The new album Piazzolla on Marimba is dedicated to the works of the Argentinean composer and originator of the Tango Nuevo. With every mallet-beat one can literally feel that for the Japanese this music is a matter of the heart and that Piazzolla, as he states, »taught me that the feelings and emotions, which are wriggling in me, could be great parts of one’s music playing.« In seven representative adaptations, Fumito Nunoya’s virtuosic interpretation and the warm sound of the marimba enable us to experience the music of Astor Piazzolla in a very new way.

The same applies to the second album of this double release, Classics on Marimba, which features works from three centuries of art music. For Fumito Nonoya it is music »with which I searched my way to sing on marimba. Of course, the classical pieces on this CD are not composed originally for marimba, so I tried to keep the quality of the original compositions and made modest changes only to be able to play on the marimba.« And indeed: His interpretations of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Johann Sebastian Bach, Frédéric Chopin, Franz Waxman, and Randall Thompson almost cause us to forget for a moment, that those works were not originally written for the marimba.

Fumito Nunoya was born in Odate, a city in Japanese prefecture Akita. He started playing the piano at the age of 7 before he turned his attention to the marimba and other percussions at the age of 13. He completed the master’s degree of music and artist at The Boston Conservatory (USA) as the first alumnus of this degree in the school’s history. Moreover, he graduated from Japanese Yamagata University with a degree in Music Education. Fumito Nunoya has successfully participated in numerous national and international competitions. Since 2009 he teaches the marimba at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold in Germany. His repertoire includes original compositions for the marimba, solo and chamber music works, as well as a range of adoptions of art music, Japanese folk music, and film music. He regularly performs at festivals and concerts in Germany, Europe, in Japan, and the US.





September 21, 2017