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Nathanaël Carré


Nathanaël Carré


PALETTE – Music for Flute and String Sextet
As colourful as the palette of a painter – this is how the music presents itself on the debut album of exceptional flutist Nathanaël Carré. Here the young talent, together with the Ensemble Nuanz, dedicates himself to chamber music by French composers from the 19th and 20th centuries. A time that was marked by a variety of styles – from Impressionism over Symbolism to Neoclassicism – and despite its manifold manifestations has never lost its unmistakable French elegance. The chamber music of these decades is filled with the magic of tone colour that it owes to its poetic style of writing and partly exceptional instrumentation. For Palette, Nathanaël Carré has made his own arrangements of duo works for flute and piano and transferred the scores for string sextet. His arrangements do not only allow a differentiated view into the structures of the compositions. Following the French tradition, the flutist also embarks on his own search for tone colours and breathes a second, enchanting life into the music: “I envisioned an instrumentation that was not too small in order to do justice to the rich harmonies and contrapuntal textures of the original piano score, but also not too large in order preserve the chamber music aesthetic. I eventually settled on the sextet as the ideal solution. I want to create an entirely new sound experience and, by using the expressive capabilities of string instruments, reveal the repertoire’s full potential of colours. As such, the album offers a rich palette of styles and colours.”
The repertoire on Palette includes works by well-known composers as well as rarities and ranges from the master of the French mélodies, Gabriel Fauré, to the deep romanticism of the Wagnerian Georges Hüe and Paul Taffanel, a pioneer of modern flute playing, to André Jolivet and the sparkling enjoyment of Jean Françaix. They have all left behind magnificent compositions which, in their entirety, reveal the tonal universe of the flute in all its diversity. The inspiration and requirement for this was the technical development in the 19th century from a simple wooden instrument to a flute made of metal: “This gave the flute a more flexible sound and new tone colours while enabling a more brilliant technique. The new flute inspired many composers, particularly in France at the beginning of the era of Modernism, which brought with it a variety of new compositional styles. With this album, I first and foremost wanted to draw attention to the panoply of compositional styles and to demonstrate how profound and full of character this music is.”
Nathanaël Carré was born in France in 1989. He received his musical education in Lyon, Paris and Freiburg and has won prizes at several national and international competitions. Nathanaël Carré obtained his current position as chief flutist in the Stuttgart Staatsorchester at the age of 22 while still studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Freiburg. In addition, he regularly performs as a soloist and in chamber concerts with a versatile repertoire. In 2015 he founded the Ensemble Nuanz together with other musicians of the Staatsorchester.


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October 5, 2019