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Stefan Zweig Trio

Stefan Zweig Trio

(Photo: Stefan Zweig Trio)



“ …a group of top prize winners from Japan, Bulgaria and France, showed deep musical knowledge.” (The Strad, 2013)
A visiting card par excellence: On its debut, which is now to be released by ARS Produktion, the Stefan Zweig Trio has committed itself programmatically to its artistic self-image. On the one hand, this is defined according to the character and emotional work of its namesake. On the other hand, the Viennese chamber ensemble thus expresses its affinity to the local musical tradition. The choice of the piano trios by Alexander Zemlinsky and Erich Wolfgang Korngold is thus both a statement and a dramaturgical calculation – two expressive works that were composed in the surroundings of the Viennese Fin de siècle at the turning point to modernity and, true to the dictum ‘tradition and innovation’, unite musical past and future.
After Vienna became the epicentre of classical music in the 18th century, after Schubert death (although of little significance at the time) it became musically quiet around the city. Although three epochal figures – Brahms, Bruckner and Wolff – worked there from the 1860s onwards and half the world danced to the waltzes of Johann Strauß (Sohn), it only attained a status comparable to that of the ‘Viennese Classic’ at the turn of the century, which paved the way for the ‘new’.
Zemlinsky’s Trio in D Minor op. 3, as well as the Trio in D Major op. 1 by his pupil and child prodigy Korngold, reflect this time of upheaval. Both are committed to the classical-romantic traditions and, at the same time, cast their shadows with modern accents and harmonic boldness on the coming avant-garde developments in Vienna.
The Stefan Zweig Trio was founded in 2012 by Sibila Konstantinova, Kei Shirai and Tristan Cornut in Vienna. Its members, trained at renowned European music universities, have won prizes in major international competitions (ARD Music Competition, Melbourne Chamber Music Competition, Sendai Competition). In 2015 the Trio won first prize, a special prize and the audience prize at the International Joseph Haydn Chamber Music Competition in Vienna. The Stefan Zweig Trio made its debut at Wigmore Hall in London in 2015 and performed for the first time at the Vienna Musikverein’s Glass Hall in 2016.




September 20, 2018